This Sunday 28th October Creative Cricklewood have teamed up with the Brent Mosque on Chichele Road to bring you the Big Draw and storytelling.  The event will feature storytellers:

David Bash:

Sarah Rundle:

Seema Anand will be telling a longer story at 1.30.
This story is from the Sunder Bans forest that grows between India and Bangladesh at 1.30.  It is situated on the mouth of the Ganges so there is a lot of flooding in the area which creates and periodically washes away dozens of little tiny islands so the area is remapped every 3 years.  3 of the world’s most dangerous animals live here – tigers, snakes and crocodiless.  The trees that grow there are stumpy and very wide.  The forest is protected by Bon Bibi who was sent by Allah to look after the people there and her best friend is the king of the tigers and he is a Hindu Brahmin so people going into this forest pray to both these protectors together – it is the only place in the world where the prayers are offered to both Muslim and Hindu deities together.
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