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The Big Draw day went really well. Nearly one hundred people attended at Brent Mosque on a very cold day.

You could spot the Creative Cricklewood team by their Big Draw T-shirts, colourful berets and (at advanced level) by their stick on moustaches. The hall was decorated and welcoming. We had loads of clipboards, crayons, pencils and paper at hand and different areas for drawing set up around the hall. There was a beautiful still life set up, an exhibition of paintings by one of the mosque’s congregation and a life modelling area with hats and costumes for setting the scene. Down one side of the hall we were able to set up a huge row of tables to support a lovely roll of paper 10m x 2.5m big! There were also two special areas with seating and cushions where four different story tellers (from different faith backgrounds) took turns telling stories throughout the day.Drinks and delicious fresh cooked food was provided by the Mosque.

One of the highlights was in the afternoon when a group went up to the beautiful Mosque hall itself. Here we sat on the carpet and sketched the interior architecture and decorations whilst listening to two stories told by David Bash and Sarah Rundle. David Bash (a Jewish storyteller) told the story of how the beautiful Mosque at Cordoba in Spain, here the Christian rulers were persuaded to overcome their urge to demolish the Islamic architecture and built their Christian Chapel amongst the columns and arches of the Mosque.

The finale came when we lifted the second huge drawing and put it on display along the form of the stage at one end of the hall.

We are very grateful to Hampstead School of Art for their generosity in not only lending easels and drawing boards but sharing their expertise by running an excellent session using oil pastels. We were also very honoured to have a visit from Sue Grayson Ford the director of The Campaign for Drawing who organised the Big Draw.

Many thanks are also due to Angela Payne, Lead for Mapesbury Community First Panel, and Marie Ryan, Chair of NW2 Resident’s Association both of whom made the whole event possible through their support, encouragement and help with funding.

Finally we must thank The Mosque and Islamic centre of Brent, for their support, use of the hall and delicious food. In particular Yasir Alam and Chairman Mohammed Sadeeq. Thanks too to all the CC team that made it happen.

We will be compiling all the many photos and images over the next week or so and hope to show the excellent work that was achieved on the day.  Here are a few to whet your appetites:



This Sunday 28th October Creative Cricklewood have teamed up with the Brent Mosque on Chichele Road to bring you the Big Draw and storytelling.  The event will feature storytellers:

David Bash:

Sarah Rundle:

Seema Anand will be telling a longer story at 1.30.
This story is from the Sunder Bans forest that grows between India and Bangladesh at 1.30.  It is situated on the mouth of the Ganges so there is a lot of flooding in the area which creates and periodically washes away dozens of little tiny islands so the area is remapped every 3 years.  3 of the world’s most dangerous animals live here – tigers, snakes and crocodiless.  The trees that grow there are stumpy and very wide.  The forest is protected by Bon Bibi who was sent by Allah to look after the people there and her best friend is the king of the tigers and he is a Hindu Brahmin so people going into this forest pray to both these protectors together – it is the only place in the world where the prayers are offered to both Muslim and Hindu deities together.
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The Open Door Big Draw, Cricklewood – 28th October 2012

Creative Cricklewood is inviting local people to join visual artists and story tellers for an engaging day of wonderful stories and imaginative drawing.

You don’t need to know how to do it or to have ever tried drawing before: it’s just about having fun and contributing your marks to a great big drawing that we can all share and enjoy. We will provide the paper, crayons, pencils and the stories: you provide the ears, the eyes and the imaginations!

The project aims to bring different parts of our community together and to mix us up for a while through a shared creative activity that we can all enjoy.

We are kindly hosted for the event by the Brent Mosque and Islamic Centre on Chichele Road in Cricklewood. We will be using the community hall on the basement floor, so will have plenty of room to unroll our paper and spread out on the floor and tables. Around the hall we will have different ‘stations’ to explore:

If you would like to just listen to stories you can do just that.
The stories will reflect and intertwine the rich oral traditions of different cultures and faiths.

Alongside the story tellers there will be various visual artists to lend a hand, encourage and assist you. If you would like to have a demonstration of different techniques for making marks and approaching drawing the teachers will be on station to help you out. We will have a still life set up, a bit of dressing up, various tricks and fun to get you in the mood for scribbling and doodling.

Down the middle of the hall will be a big roll of paper that we can all doodle and draw on. There may be a landscape on it that needs some trees, or a desert that is missing a tent… perhaps a city, with rooms needing furniture and characters from the stories to come to life…

There will be no prizes or judges, no winners or loosers. We don’t need to make Art we just want to explore, experiment and have fun together.

All the materials, paper, pencils, crayons and sharpeners are provided free of charge.

The main entrance to the Mosque is on Howard Road, Cricklewood, however we will be using an entrance on Chichele Road that leads directly to the hall. It is pretty much opposite Sheldon Road.

If you would like to volunteer to help on the project in any way lease drop us an email. creativecricklewood at