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Old Cricklewood Library

COME TO THE PUBLIC MEETING: “MAKE OUR LIBRARY LIVE”: Wednesday 16th March 2016, Ashford  Place, 60 Ashford Rd, nW26TU

New Library

New Cricklewood Library

Creative Cricklewood is all about saving the local library at the moment.

CC has been part of a team of local residents who’ve fought long and hard since the library was closed in 2011, against the wishes of the community. Against all the odds, almost to our own amazement, we saved the library.

It is being built right now, as you read.

The new library will occupy the ground floor of a brand new building at the end of Olive Road, facing Gladstone Park, right where the old library was.

What we have saved so far is the space, but of course a library is not four walls. It’s books, and technology and most of all it’s people. The people who run it and the people who use it.

We need help from you, and yours, to make this beautiful new space an actual library: a home for knowledge, a beacon of light, a safe, silent space where Cricklewood children and adults can learn and grow and connect with the world beyond.

Without you, the library may not open in 2016.

As council support has been completely withdrawn, the library now has to fund itself. We need to kit out the interior, from the floor up. Plastering, electrics, plumbing and equipment: shelves, books and computers. We need specialist help too, for legal matters, structural and design issues, and more.

It’s all great fun and quite a creative challenge.

Getting up and running will cost upwards of £100,000. A lot of money, yes, but there are a lot of us around here who know its value extends way beyond that. A good library is a priceless asset.

  • For Sally Long, the inspirational Chair of the Friends of Cricklewood Library, it’s all about people getting together: “having a place to work outside my house, meet my friends, join in some random activity I didn’t realise I would enjoy, help other people, and meet people I didn’t know lived around here”.
  • For a mum, it’s having somewhere, within walking distance, where their kids can be introduced to books.
  • For a teenager, it’s a safe space to dream and imagine what might be, surrounded by the world’s knowledge.
  • For an older person, it’s a place to learn about technology, share wisdom and connect with the community.

A library can be all things to all people. The benefits it brings are hard to quantify — but they are undeniable. And deeply important.

And this is the only cultural space in Cricklewood at the moment and the only space where all are welcome, irrespective of color, class or creed, free of charge.

So do join us, and get involved whatever way you’d like. If you can donate money, thank you so much. Perhaps you can donate your time, ideas or your skills? Can you be one of the volunteers who will let our community — and the wider world — know about the library and all it has to offer? Can you get your children involved in delivering leaflets, for example?

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far and now we’re in Phase Two, we need more energy and ideas. We need people who love this project as much as we do and want to be part of creating something amazing in Cricklewood.

Jorge Luis Borges said: “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Be part of creating our own little corner of paradise in Cricklewood.

Please help Cricklewood Library become all it can be.


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