Creative Cricklewood, Open Mic

Open Mic – 24th January & Coming up this week…

Carl, Panama Dave and Adam Tunji

Jack Kelly

Rabimsha playing an instrument called a Berinbau

Kira Kenley & Neroli

Tres B

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Panama Dave & Adam Tunji

Panama Dave & Adam Tunji

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CREDITS – Performers:

Panama Dave Parrett

Philip Chadwick

Adam Tunji

Jack Kelly

Tres B

Kira Kenley & Neroli


Mikele Markionni

Zimmy van Zandt

MC Carl Chamberlain

Art on display by Pat Bonner – can be viewed till Feb 3rd.

Photography by Tobias Terpilowski-Gill

Organisers – Henryk Terpilowski & Dave Parrett

Poster design – Dave Parrett

Big thanks to Louise and the staff at the Windmill for hosting.

A review by Amanda Beasley: “OMG I have just left the open Mic at the Windmill what a night !

“The evening started with a couple of numbers from the fantastic Panama Dave, followed by poems from the Cricklewood Bard Philip Chadwick, including a poem for Tolkien fans. Adam Tunji who came all the way from Plumstead to perform a couple of songs for us with Panama Dave, his song ‘Central Heating’ was wonderful. Poet Jack Kelly ‘Where would we be without your shinanigans’? is an Open Mic regular.

Tres B sang ‘I was a lonely man’ but he was far from lonely tonight with his 5 piece Congolese band. Songs “This is Africa”, “Freedom” and “I can’t go home”, set the place alight. Rabimsha played an instrument called a Berinbau played in Brazil, Africa and parts of Japan. This amazing instrument which resembled a long stick with a calabash at the bottom of it and one metal ‘string’ ( he tells me the metal comes from a car tyre ) is played using a pebble to change the tone, giving a beautiful sound. He sang ‘Welcome song’ which he wrote himself followed by a Jimi Hendrix cover “If 6 was 9”. Magical!

Kira Kenley and Neroli what a duo! I loved ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Tribute to London’ dont forget you said you would dance too next time! Please come back we loved you. ( Mikele Markionni dropped his usual operatic voice to sing some popular pop, and regular Zimmy van Zandt finished off. The evening was rounded off artistically with some live portrait drawing by Cricklewood artist Peter.

Well done to Tobias, photographer extraordinaire! Thank you everyone for another fantastic night.  Thank you to Henryk, Panama Dave and Carl Chamberlain for putting it together so well AGAIN!”

The next open mic is this Thursday 7th January featuring…

Guest MC Sarah-Jane Miller.

Live (free) caricature drawing by portrait artist MARY SAXE-FALSTEIN

A new exhibition of paintings by CC artist SANDY ALKALAI“Sandy’s work takes a psychological odyssey throughout the universe and unchartered dimensions visited by the mind.”



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